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Prospect - Props

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Props for PROSPECT

Every prop for PROSPECT was designed with a rigorous attention to detail. These artifacts needed to inform the viewer as much as possible about the world of the film. Utility, cost, weight, and implications for life in an alien frontier had to be consider.

For example, the “throwers” (Prospect’s guns) were designed around a completely new type of in-world weapon’s technology involving electromagnetic particle acceleration. This informed the design of the weapons, the look of the ammunition, and the inclusion of expendable capacitors.

Some of the props seen throughout the film were intended to show that there was a larger world out there, beyond the frontier setting that occupies the film. This is manifested in an array of toys, cartoons, candy, religious icons, and other pop iconography.

The Prop Shop

With backgrounds that extend well beyond prop-making and into the worlds of industrial engineering and product design, our crew approached the props for PROSPECT with a real-world rigor. Our shop might not look too different from a prototyping lab.

For us, cinematic immersion requires each object to go through a thoughtful design process. We’re not just creating a passable facade purely for the purposes of film production. Rather, these are the artifacts that express the world of the film and must hold up to scrutiny.