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Artifacts from the Multiverse

Artifacts from the Multiverse
 is a gallery show presented as a fictional museum experience. Complete with an in-depth audio guide, the museum features other-worldly artifacts collected from seven parallel dimensions. The show is an exploration of world-building as an art form. Each artifact represents and entire original universe and becomes our point-of-entry into a fantastical intersection of imagined technology, alternate histories, and tangential cultures.



A carefully maintained vivarium of "living light”, seeded and grown organically.



Part zen garden, part pinball machine. There is no 'end game' - one simply strives to master the momentum of the ball as it rhythmically pulses around the track. The simple meditative act requires full focus and is useful for inducing a flowstate.

Chair Wide1.jpg


Furniture designed by Roksana Houshian, a renowned futurist and polycosmic explorer. The furniture features integrated speakers to aid the meditative protocols necessary to merge the polycosmic self across dimensions and increase one’s energy density.

In addition to the chair, the exhibit also features a desk and speaker set, as well as selected notes from Houshian’s polycosmic work in her final years.

Mandtii 4.jpg


King Mandtii is a distinctive crab/man chimera, genetically engineered for the short-lived Miniature Kaiju Fighting League. After ethical controversy led to the collapse of the sport, King Mandtii led a long career in film and television. In his final years, he channeled his creative energy into his humanitarian work and memorable musical performances.

This statue is 1:1 scale, standing at 18”. The exhibit also includes movie posters from Mandtii’s career, a clip from his final musical performance on the Sally talk show, and a gallery of 6” Action Figures, hand-painted by a variety of artists inspired by King Mandtii’s legacy.