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Artifacts from the multiverse


Artifacts from the Multiverse

Artifacts from the Multiverse
 is a gallery show presented as a fictional museum exhibition of artifacts collected from seven parallel dimensions. The experience is complete with an audio guide that outlines the in-depth story of each exhibit. Created by the team behind the film PROSPECT, this show treats the act of world building as an art form - the starting point being the creation of an original world that produces each object.



A vivarium of "living light” seeded and grown organically.



A mashup between a zen garden and a pinball machine. There is no 'end game' - one simply gains mastery of the machine which requires full focus and it brings on a lightly meditative trance.

Chair Wide1.jpg


From the audio guide: 

This chair played a significant role in Houshian's quest to merge her polycosmic self. She incorporated it into regular periods of meditation. The intention of this ritual was to increase the probability that multiple instances of herself would be meditating in the same time-place and the overlap would increase her energy density.

This chair is part of a set of furniture designed by the fictional character that also includes a desk and speaker set.

Mandtii 4.jpg


King Mandtii is a half-crab, half-man created for a mini kaiju fighting league. After the demeaning sport was shutdown the King led a long career in film and television becoming a minor celebrity. In his later years he was known as much for his humanitarian work as his memorable performances.

Statue stands at 18" or his full height. Exhibit includes movies posters from his career, a clip of him performing music on a talk show, and gallery of 6” action figures painted by a variety of different artists.