TAKA Collective

AftM - Flowtrack Machine


The Flowtrack Machine

The Flowtrack Machine was designed & engineered from scratch. Despite the its fictional backstory, the device is fully functional as a meditative aide.

The flowtrack machine is a unique meditative tool designed to induce the practitioner into a state of flow. With rhythmic electromagnetic pulses, the user coaxes the ball into increasingly rapid cycles around it's track, surfing the building momentum until a full trance is achieved.

Flow is a psychological phenomenon in which a person is completely immersed in a task with energized focus, acting purely on instinct, without thought or regard for space and time. It's a feeling of being "in the zone" applicable in everything from athletics to writing. In creative application, inducing a flow state is useful for generating a high output of raw idea material to be later sculpted into refined stories, concepts, or designs.

The Flowtrack Machine was part of our “Artifacts from the Multiverse” gallery installation.